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I am 34, married to a wonderful man - Jason. We've been together for 12 years now - and married for 8. I'm a Mama of 2 boys and one gorgeous baby girl!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The following was written on June 27, 2007. I'm deleting the "Bebe to Be" blog - as it's just too much to keep a separate blog for Katie and the boys. So - here's what I had written:

Well!! We found out on June 7th that we are expecting our 3rd bundle of joy!! Sometime around Feb 11th. We went and had bloodwork done - my progesterone was 12 - so the doctor put me on Prometrium. My betas looked great though! The 1st one was 347, the 2nd was 824! I wasn't sure of when I ovulated - so they did an ultrasound on the 19th - and got to see our tiny little pumpkin - and the heart just beating away! It's so exciting! I always love being pregnant - and I am so completely happy about this one. We told my mother at her 60th birthday party. My sisters and I gave her a charm bracelet with all the grandsons' monograms on small silver discs - and their birthdays are on the other side of each charm. We left the 6th one blank. It was very sweet. We told my father on Father's Day. We have yet to tell Jason's parents - we're waiting for Jeanette's birthday party around July 4th. So - then everyone will know!!!! So far, I feel ok - just really tired. And I can't eat Mexican - or a lot of cheese - or hot dogs. This baby LOVES fresh fruits and veggies - which is wonderful - better for me. And definately better for baby.I told my boss last Thursday - he seemed genuinely happy for me. So that was a relief. I really can't believe that I'm going to have another sweet baby!!!!!! I can't wait to find out what it is - I realllllly hope it's pink. But - I swear to the Good Lord Above - whatever God gives me - as long as it's healthy and happy - that's truly all that matters. If it's another boy- then I will proudly bear the theme song of My Three Sons - but I really want a girl. Just a sweet little girl. It would be really special to me.Anyway - I'll update more and post pics as I progress!YAY BABY!

Yeah... apparently, I'm not so great with the blogging stuff - but I swear I'll get better!! Life with 3 kids is great - and very interesting. My 2 boys and my baby princess certainly keep me busy. Camp, who is now 4, is amazingly grown up. He doesn't miss a trick at all. He gets jokes, he's very perceptive regarding moods of others - and he wants to help. Always wants to help. He and Andy's song that I made up for the 2 of them goes "Camp a lamp is my Hero, camp a Lamp, is my champ. Andy Pandy he's so dandy, Andy Pandy, he's my man" - and oh how true it is of both of them. Camp is the helper, the enforcer of rules, the leader. Andy, who is now 3, is my snuggle bunny, my tender heart, my stubborn as all get-out kid. He takes his time doing anything you want him to - unless you make it a game. But - he loves to give kisses, he thinks he's hilarious, and loves his cars. He likes his Mama and Me time - which, unfortunately, I don't get that often with Pan... but I try. Katie is absolutely the princess. She's just really taken several steps in a row without falling today. I predict she'll be running in another 2 weeks. She's demanding and dramatic - but very confident in her cuteness and it's ability to get her just about anything she wants. She's not really talking - occasional Mama or Dada - or even "ba" for ball. But, that's really all. And that's ok. I'm not ready for her to grow up at all.
Today's been raining, so the kids have been making up games in their room or in the den. Camp recently declared the tent in their room to be off limits to katie - it's a no girls club. I had no idea that this started so early! Andy has declared, while grabbing his boy-parts, "My tushie is soooooo big". That starts too early, huh? And the other day - we were in the car and Mississippi Queen came on and Camp shouted "Rock it to the Roll". Andy also called the cartoon tom and Jerry- well, he calls it "Tom and Sherry". These kids crack me up! I love being home with them.. but I really do miss the working world too. One day at a time. They aren't little forever.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And I forgot the latest bit of trivia in our world. So yesterday, I get a call from the Director of Parks and Recreation here in our small town - and he asks me if I can COACH soccer this fall. Umm.. I've never played, watched or cheered for soccer in my life. I told him this - but he sounded desperate - so what the hey. Now, I'm going to be Coach "T" to a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds! We're The Panthers and our color is teal. I have to email all of the parents today and let them know that what's going on with practices and such, games, etc. Thing is - I have no clue what to even do with these kids at the practices. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Should certainly be a fun challenge. Adventures of a real soccer mom.. I tell ya..


Friday, August 15, 2008

WOW - has it really been so long. Funny - I've got pics of Jason's 30th b-day party in the mountains.. but I haven't put up the pics of the happy result! HAHAHA! Well - she's Katie and she's 6 months old. She weighs 22 pounds, 8 ounces (today) and is 27 inches tall! What a monkey!

I quit my job at my old company, thankfully. And now I'm pretty much home all the time with my babies. Which I love. I've been spending insane amounts of time at the pool with the kids and they are loving it!

Camp's changed SO much. He's definately all little boy. He's going to be playing soccer in the fall - and lucky me - I got drafted to COACH! I know nothing about soccer. Less than nothing - but I do know how to have fun - so it should be a great learning challenge for all of us. Here's a picture of a very happy Camp ready to play!

Yep - he's pretty jazzed. He's also just about the sweetest big boy in the universe. The other night, I was encouraging our new dog - Dot-Dog - to climb into bed with us as we watched the Olympics - and she landed on my face, by complete accident, cutting my lip wide open with her front claw. Camp was so worried, he went and got his favorite Bunny, Monkey, and Andy's stuffed kitty and brought them to me to sleep with so I'd feel better. Is he precious, or what?

Andy - wow - what a HUGE change in him too! He's jabbering up a storm, playing and is just the sweetest, most thoughtful, tender little boy ever. He loves to hug the dogs, and says Hi, How are you to just about everyone. He laughs a lot - loves to "Superman" into his bed. He also adores cars, trucks, trains, being loud, my shoes and carbs!!! He's my boy alright! He's definately dramatic at times and when he's been sent to clean up his mess - he'll hang his sweet, precious head and slump his shoulders and give this huuuuge sigh. It's hilarious! He constantly has me laughing. And he's so concerned for Katie too - if she's upset, he sings to her or will kiss her. Camp sings the "Katie-Bug" song when we're in the car and she's not happy. Bless her - she's not all that unhappy. I think it's such a rarity when she is that they get concerned. Here's an updated pic of Andy-Pandy!

And finally - my Katie Bug. I've already given you her stats. She's a pretty incredible baby. I do have to admit that I loooove having a girl! It's been great to dress her in all that pink. She's happy, chubby, loves to giggle. She reaches for toys and blowing raspberries is one of her newest tricks. We had her Christened this past Sunday. It was just the sweetest service ever. The minister, Rev. Chris Lollis, got the joy of having Katie as his very first baptism ever. How sweet is that! He got a little too much water on her though.. LOL! It's ok - she's good and covered for sure. Katie is just so bright and active. She doesn't like to take long naps though. But that's ok - she's so happy that I love spending time with her. Here's her pic form the christening:

Jason and I are doing fantastic. I think me not working has lowered my stress level so much, that I am a genuinely happier person. I mean, things are tight - but that's ok. I'm with my babies and I love it. I love him. He's been an amazing husband and father to all the kids. Katie has him completely wrapped. LOL!

Anyway - now that I can remember my login and password, I'll definately be updating more!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well... it was bound to happen. Camp got a bloody lip today - poor baby. He was happily running around in the front yard and tripped on a garden hose - and ouch... I felt horrible. But, much Mama love, and some ice seems to have done the trick.. Sad looking, isn't it?
On a lighter note - it's been a great weekend! We finally cracked open the watermelon I bought last week - boy - was THAT yummy! Both of the boys loved it! Drippy, sticky sweetness, that absolutely signifies summertime!!! It was overcast and raining (yay) most of the weekend - so we spent a lot of time inside playing. Camp has enjoyed vacuuming every square inch of the floor - fine by me! He also has been helping me cook - cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese... you name it - he's been by my side! Andy has been chatting a ton! He was hilarious in the grocery store - they had a small racecar blowup on top of the aisle - and he started screaming - "CAR!! CAR!!!!" - people around us laughed. HAHHAHAHA
I love weekends. I have such a great time playing with my little men. They are changing so incredibly fast - I wish that I could remember every blink and every breath forever.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a weekend!!! It was GREAT!!!!! We had such a great time hanging around town and the house - just enjoying being a family! A nice long, Memorial Day weekend - perfect!

Saturday was a lot of housework, laundry, etc.. not too much exciting during the day. J and I had a cook-out to go to Saturday night - so the boys Favorite Aunt Shay in the UNIVERSE and Mr. Moonpie came over to sit with them - and they had fun. :) I was out way too late that night - but that's my own fault. I don't regret it - I got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen for ages - so that was fantastic!

Sunday, after church, D-Daddy came up - and Ford got to come over and have lunch with us! He is *so* cute - I adore him to pieces!!! Then, after Ford went home, we all piled into the car and headed out to Knights Stadium! The boys got to go to their very first ballgame - and considering how young they are - did incredibly well! We stayed about an hour and a half. Camp was so funny - he kept pointing at the field and saying "I like that Baseball game over there!" Andy REALLY enjoyed seeing Homer the Dragon. (or rather Homer's female counterpart- I can't think of her name right now). Anyway - as soon as she walked by - he LIT up!!!! She stuck her hand out and he just grinned and laughed. He reached out and touched her. Camp and I were walking around - but he say both of the Dragons later on and thought they were pretty neat! He's not real sure about them if they are near - but Andy loved them!!! Camp also cheered a bunch "go Knights!" - but he sure did say "I like that Baseball Game over there" a bunch.

After the game, we came home and played in the new sprinkler and in the pool.

Monday, ahhh.. we hung around in the morning and just did errands - grocery store, home depot - errands. The boys went down for a nap at noon - and I started in the yard! I should have taken a picture - but we have this massive flower bed running the width of the house - and I ripped up all the weeds, tore out all the old pinestraw, and then trimmed all the bushes. Then I put down 9 bags of mulch - and put up edging!!!! It took about 4 hours - but it was SO much fun. I was completely filthy - and loved every minute of it. Camp came out and helped my by watering the garden! He's so good!! Then - NaNa came over!!!! Both kiddoes were SO happy to see her! We played and splashed and screeched and laughed for 2 more hours in the back yard!

Aunt Shay and Mr. Moonpie came over at 5, and we had a delicious bbq! Ribs, grilled asparagus, grilled corn, baked home fries, lemon bars, and brownies! (they were YUMMY Shay!). It was a great day! I am sore and sunburned - but what a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Silly boys!!!! Both of them woke up full of smiles and charm this morning. Camp was soooo cute. Shay came over last night and went out to have coffee, but not before she played with the boys a while! *they wouldn't have allowed her not to* - We're talking some SERIOUS adoration here. Anyway - I was in the kitchen this morning doing some 6 am dishes and I heard Camp trying to get out of his room. So, I met him in the hallway with a bright smile, and a "Good Morning Sunshine" - and he swept right by me, poked his little head out into the den, looked back up at me and said "Where Sharon at?" - noooo good morning to Mama - nope... it's all about the Shay! And I love it! I love that my sweet boys adore my friends. I love that they find joy in playing and sharing and everything - and I love the fact that they can just so completely open their little hearts up.. sweet sweet boys.
Andy must have been a hungry mungry this morning - he downed 2 pieces of cheesetoast and a big glass of milk. Tonight - he ate 2 hotdogs and carrots and pudding! Along with his milk .. I swear he's getting ready to go through another growth spurt.
Ahh.. I love it. Right now, they are in the bathroom taking their bath and splashing and playing - Camp is singing into a cup - Andy is just generally screeching. :) How happy that sounds!!!
I love these boys.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

HAPPY 30th Birthday Jason!!!!
Yep - my sweet hubby FINALLY turned 30 and we had a great weekend! The boys and I gave him a Wii gamesystem, the Wii Play game, and an extra Nunchuck controller - he was flooooored! On Saturday, his actual b-day, we drove to his hometown and took 2 little munchkins to get their haircuts. That was traumatic. It was my Aunt (their great-Aunt) who is a barber - so she's not a stranger. All I can say is this woman has the patience of a Saint. And they look fantastic!!! Then, we went out to lunch with J's parents. The boys downed a "healthy" meal of hotdogs and french fries (well.. it WAS a b-day lunch... I should stop feeling guilty). Then we headed back to their house for birthday cake and presents. After that - we put the kiddoes down for a nap, kissed them bye for the day - and J and I headed to the mountains! My sweet friend Amy let us use her cabin for the night - and it was SOOO much fun! We got there and immediately started "lounge-fest 2007" - I mean, shoes came off and snoring ensued. After we rested, we hooked up J's gamesystem and drank wine and played - he kicked my tail! (it was his b-day - of COURSE he was going to win) LOL! I made a fantastic lasagna dinner, we hung out in the hot-tub, then we came inside and proceeded to watch a Star Wars movie before finally crashing for the night. Hey - it might not sound like a thrill a minute to you - but believe me - that was his perfect b-day. This morning, we slept in until after 9 am!!! 4 hours later than we normally do!! We went to this great little greasy spoon for b-fast. It was yummy! Then we went back to the cabin and packed and cleaned - and headed back out. We stopped on our way back and went hiking. The flowers were gorgeous! Amy's yard is full of Mountain Laurel blooming- that's what the flower is in the picture. The waterfall was stunning - and I think J really enjoyed the hike. He loves the mountains. Truly loves the mountains - as much as I truly love the ocean... ahh - opposites attract, right? We're going to the beach in September. I can NOT wait!!
The boys had fun in church! Both of them went to the service and were their usual clowns. Apparently - every time there was a prayer there were a lot of "Amens" coming from those 2 monkeys. And they charmed and smiled to everyone. Andy ate a ton of Cheerios in the service - but reportedly toward the end, got tired of sitting still - so he had to go out in the hall with his Granddaddy. That's ok.. he is only 1 and a half. Camp was good as gold! Both these boys are so sweet! We had fun at J's parent's house this afternoon -Camp mowed the lawn with the bubble mower, Andy hit golf balls and slid on the slide. As soon as we left though, Andy was out! OUT! Camp stayed awake most of the drive home.
What a great b-day! I have to say - I have one heck of a hubbie. He's kind, and sweet, and incredibly patient. I am a lucky woman to have someone in my life that I completely adore - and I suspect, completely adores me as well.
Happy Birthday dearest - I love you very much.